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India COVID19 Lockdown Announcements and Extensions

  • HMA Extends Lockdown for 2 week

    Lockdown 4 coming & 20 lakh crore package

    PM Narendra Modi announced 20 Lack Crore Pacakge to revive the Indian Economy. Also new form of Lockdown 4 details will be announced before 18-May-20. Link to video

  • HMA Extends Lockdown for 2 week

    Lockdown 3 - extension for another 2 weeks

    Health Ministry of India announced extension of the lockdown till 18-May-20. Also new Red, Orange, Green zones at ditrict level are setup to monitor the COVID19 outbreak. Guidelines are issued for services being offered in different zones. -- Guideline document

  • PM Narendra Modi

    Lockdown extension till 3-May

    PM Narendra Modi announces Lockdown extension till 3-May. Plan of execution will be shared on 15-Apr. Situation will be evaluated till 20-Apr. Areas which are able to control the spreading of virus will be relieved with conditional. Link to video

  • PM Narendra Modi

    Switch off lights at home & light a lamp for 9 minutes

    Indian PM Narendra Modi requests citizens to light a lamp for 9 minutes at 9pm. Link to video

  • PM Narendra Modi

    21 Days Lockdown Starts

    PM Narendra Modi announces 21 days Lockdown Link to video

  • PM Narendra Modi

    Janta Curfew

    PM Narendra Modi Requested Indian citizens to observe Janta Curfew on 22-March-20. Spare your 5 minutes to applaud those people, who are part of fight against Corona Virus. Link to video

Important Note: As we are working with the live COVID19 data and frequently updating the website, there can be discrepancies sometimes which will be resolved in the validation process later. Please use this information only for awareness purpose and not for taking any decisions.

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