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About Trace COVID19 - Corona Virus Tracker for India

Covid19 Novel Coronavirus has brought the entire world to stand still. The human race is going through extremely difficult times in this pandemic like situation. Access to correct information can help in avoiding the panic in citizens and taking necessary actions. The number of Covid19 positive patients is increasing with every passing hour and the fatality count is worrisome too.

The spreading of virus is a cause of concern and so is circulation of false information and rumors related to COVID19 resulting unnecessary panic in the society.

We at are trying to bring some order to the chaos by gathering accurate information, verifying and validating it before publishing it on this website. This CoronaVirus Tracker tool is created to make people aware about the situation in India and gain nearly accurate information about number of active cases, recovered patients and the death toll along with gaining knowledge regarding the high infection zones. Here a lot of information is time based and many times we might be lagging behind in updating real time situation. In case you have more accurate details please share with us so that we can update our system. Let’s come together and fight this pandemic.

Praying for the world to heal and recover from this difficult phase. Let us do our bit and stay inside in the safety of our homes. Please venture out only when absolutely necessary.

We pray that we all come out of this disaster very soon and start living the normal life

Thank you so much for your support

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Important Note: As we are working with the live COVID19 data and frequently updating the website, there can be discrepancies sometimes which will be resolved in the validation process later. Please use this information only for awareness purpose and not for taking any decisions.

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